Aim for the Olympics!

Climbing sports have now made its debut in the Olympic Games, and this means that anyone fairly new to the sport could definitely think of it as a competitive feature of their future.

The best way to find out if this is something that you could do is to get started and learn the basics of the sport. Take a course at your local indoor climbing centre and speak to the instructors about the options for continuing.

Competitive climbing

The Tokyo Olympics included climbing events for men and women. Spectators were able to place bets on smartphones and tablets, and many people used online casinos and online sports betting services to predict who would win a medal. This included other casino games, and jackpots; meaning there was no shortage of entertainment.

The winner of the gold medal was a competitor from Spain, and the USA took the silver and Austria took the bronze. In the women’s event, it was Slovakia that took the gold, with Japan taking both the silver and the bronze. Bouldering and speed are assessed during the event.

There are regular championships held throughout the year, and online sports betting is available for those who want to watch. It is easy for those who are interested to find out more. A few searches online will show you when the events are taking place and how you can watch them.

The first start to taking part yourself in competitive sport climbing is to learn the skills. Book yourself on a course, join a group and take part in guided climbs. The more you learn, the easier it will be for you to take part in competitions.