Advantages of climbing with a guide

If your climbing course has finished and you’re ready to head out for a proper climb. It is highly recommended that you book guided, to begin with. There are many reasons for this, and it will definitely help your climbing skills.


A climbing guide will have the expertise that you need when you start your new hobby in earnest. They will help you to plan routes and show you how to work on the routes that they already know very well.

Having this level of expertise alongside you will help you to build your confidence. They’ll be filled with hints and tips and will show you the reality of climbing outdoors.

Small numbers

You won’t be fighting for the help that you need when you do a guided climb. While the guide knows that you have the basic skills thanks to your course, they will also know that you’ll need more help than a more experienced climber would require. Guided climb numbers are kept low for these reasons.

Good climbing routes

The guides know all the best routes and will be able to show you some of the UK’s classic climbing spots. They’ll help you to get to know them, and you will also be able to gain an insight into lead climbing.

On a guided climb, you won’t be able to do this yourself, but you will be able to see how it all works. Guided climbs are an essential part of the learning process for trad climbs, and it is a good idea to book a course that covers guided climbs.