"It has been statistically proven that more people are squeezed to death by their pet boa-constrictors, than die through rock climbing".

Sun, beer, and rock always make the perfect climbing holiday. In this section we describe some of Europe's top rock climbing areas to visit.

Europe General - These web sites are dedicated to providing general information about rock climbing in Europe.

Climb Europe - The web site to plan your rock climbing holiday in Europe.

Coronn - Download topos for many rock climbing areas in Europe.

Rock climbing Atlas - The low down on popular areas for a visiting rock climber

Belgium - Freyr is the top crag in Belguim
Rock Climbing in Belgium

Croatia - Paklenica and the face of Anica kuk are the highlight of rock climbing in Croatia
Rock Climbing in Croatia

Greece - The island of kalymnos has more sports routes per square mile than anywhere else in the world!
Rock Climbing in Greece
Oreivatein: Climbing in Greece

Hungary - Just outside of Budapest are some interesting rock climbing areas.
Rock Climbing in Hungary

Italy - From serious rock climbing in the Dolomites to sports crags all over the country
Rock Climbing in Italy

Malta - The furthest southern country in Europe offers perfect winter sun rock climbing
Rock Climbing in Malta

Malta rock climbing

Portugal - A good mix of sports climbing and traditional rock climbing to be found here
Rock Climbing in Portugal

Rock Climbing areas in Portugal

Sardinia - Offers many famous sports climbing areas including Cala gonone, Domusnovas and Isili
Rock Climbing in Sardinia

Climbing in Sardinia

Slovakia - Now an indepenant state in central Europe with many rock climbing areas to choose from
Rock Climbing in Slovakia

Slovenia - Is fast becoming a popular holiday destination and offers many fantastic rock climbing areas such as around Lake Bled and Osp.
Rock Climbing in Slovenia

Spain - The most popular country to visit to find winter sun rock climbing, espiecially the extensive area of Costa Blanca.
Rock Climbing in Spain


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